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School Improvement Group



A new School Improvement Group has been appointed for 2018 and one of their first jobs will be to update their webpage.

SIG Group

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What's New?

                                           'Wear red for Wales'


We are pleased to say that our school is holding a charity event for the Velindre Cancer Centre on Friday 2nd February. We are asking that your child wear red clothing to school. We would appreciate a small donation. Your child can wear red socks, a red bow, a red t-shirt or a red costume. The choice is yours.


About us


Our school improvement group ranges between years 3 - 6 with a mix of boys and girls. We have at least one meeting every week during break and sometimes at lunch. 


The group carries out lots of activities and then presents to the school afterwards; examples of these activities are:

  • Attending Junior Forum's
  • Hand washing workshops
  • Buying new books for the libraries
  • Buying new books for children to take home as a choice book.


In the corridor of our school we have a suggestion box. We look at the suggestions on a weekly basis and discuss together how we can move forward. We also have a parent suggestion box.


In the SIG group we help with making important decisions. Last year we interviewed our new Headteacher. 


Through the year we also carry out learning walks and we then report back our findings to the class teachers. In the learning walk we look at things like displays and resources in a classroom.  


How to join the School Improvement Group


At the beginning of the year we fill out application forms, then hold an assembly where the children who want to join the group present to the rest of the school. The pupils of the school have the chance to elect two children from each year group. 


What's next?


We are writing a script to deliver the hand washing workshop to the rest of the school.


Written by the SIG group