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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders 2018-2019


Congratulations ... our Digital Leaders for this year have now been selected!  

We will meet fortnightly after half term. Our first meeting will be to create an action plan and to provide E-Safety display content for all Key Stage 2 classes to add to their existing displays.















Thank you for attending our e-safety workshop! :) 

Can you please complete the questionnaire below:

March 14th- Trip to Rodney Parade


The Digital Leaders took a day trip to the Rodney Parade Rugby Stadium in Newport to work on their digital skills. They were given a tour of Rodney Parade to learn more about the history of the stadium and understand about the training regime of the Dragon players. They took notes throughout the trip and used these notes to create a digital book about day trip using the Adobe Spark Video app.


After the tour, the pupils were given the opportunity to interview members of the team. They recorded their interviews and used the Green Screen app to create a professional video. 


Look out for the children's work as it will be published in the match day programme on the 23rd of March.


Here are a few photos from the day!  smiley
















Friday 23rd March

Digital Leaders (and friends) trip to the Dragons v Cheetahs live rugby match.


The DL were very lucky to be able to return to the stadium to view a live rugby match! They also got to view their published work in the match day programme!


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