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Fitness and Wellbeing

Weekly Physical Skill Challenge!


In D2, each week this half term, one of their 1-a-Day Topic activities is a 'Physical Skill Challenge. Miss Potter and I decided it would be good to extend this across the school. So, each week Miss Potter and I will bring you a weekly Physical Skill Challenge to complete at home. It would be great to see your challenges and to post them on here.


If you complete a challenge, have someone photograph or film it and send it to me using the contact form on my class page. If you send me an email, I can email you back, then you wil have my email address to be able to send your photographs or films to. Alternatively, you can upload to your Seesaw Journal, ask your teacher to notify me and I can access your Journal to download the photo/video. There are ways of using Hwb to share your challenge photos and videos with me too. If you are interested in doing this  then contact me using the contact form on my class page!

Have a go at this circuit workout.

Create your own recording sheet to keep a record of what you have done.  If you are unsure of any of the exercises, view the PowerPoint slides below that explains how each one is done. 

Good luck! :) 

Can you work out your heart rate after carrying out certain exercises? Create the table below on paper to record your own heart rate. :)

To record the beats per 10 seconds, find your pulse (it is usually easy to feel your pulse on your neck just below your jaw line or on the inside of your wrist), time 10 seconds on a clock and count how many times your feel your heart beat during that time. Then you must times that number by 6 to record your heart rate. 

Week 7: VE Day Fitness Special

Still image for this video
To help celebrate VE Day at home, try out these games that children used to play during WW2.

Hop Scotch
Skipping rope

I hope you have more luck than I did. :D

You could also practise these games below, that they used to play, and can be played with the whole family. :) 



Red Rover

An old favorite kids game!

Red Light, Green Light

A fun game for kids from years past.

Week 6: Fitness Activities with Mrs Treherne.

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Have some fun exercising using a skipping rope and bouncing, throwing and catching a ball.
I wonder if you can beat my scores and complete the activities every day for a week?

Can you create an activity dice? Choose 6 exercises you would like to do, section your paper like below, then cut it out and glue along the flaps as seen below. And then your dice is ready to go! :D

Week 5: Exercise with Mr Smith!

Home circuits

Can you complete these PE at home challenges? They range from EYFS all the way up to KS4 (that's comp age!!) I challenge you to give them a go. :D

Week 4: Have Fun Keeping Fit with Mrs Treherne

Still image for this video
Why not try out these fun keeping fit ideas I have put together for you. For the circuit station exercises you could try out my exercises, and then change it up by adding some of your own exercises too.

TOP TRENDING DANCE MOVES YOU MUST LEARN || Party Life Hacks And Activities For Fun

Can you master these dance moves and impress your friends by sharing a video of it on SeeSaw?
00:04 Easy trending moves you want to learn
03:31 Simple Dance Moves for Beginners
05:52 Dancers at every party

These 5 Simple Football Skills Will Impress Your Friends!

Today PWG will teach you 5 easy football tricks that we guarantee will impress your friends!
Practise learning these football tricks in the garden, then share your video on SeeSaw to impress your class, and your teacher!

Yoga Sessions


Hello boys, girls, mums, dads and friends, it is really important that we look after our mental and emotional health as well as our physical health and yoga is wonderful at helping us do this. Try the routine I have put together, remembering to start with a mindful moment and to end with relaxation. Repeat the routine each day to build strength and you will find that you are able to balance for longer.

I will add more videos so we can extend the routine.


Take care and keep well.

Miss Thain smiley

Week 3 Yoga with Miss Thain

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Part 1

Week 3 Yoga with Miss Thain

Still image for this video
Part 2

Week 3 Yoga with Miss Thain

Still image for this video
Part 3

Week 3 Yoga with Miss Thain

Still image for this video
Part 4

Can you complete each activity or yoga pose as you spell out your name? Too easy? Try it with your full name!!

Simon Says Fitness Fun

Keeping Fit and Healthy with Miss Veasey: Week 2

Still image for this video
Getting out and having fresh air in your back yards and gardens where you can stay safe and well is important. Here is a video of how I am staying healthy at home! Let me know how you are staying fit and healthy!

Can you complete all of the challenges on the bingo card? Race against a family member, or challenge yourself to complete them all in one week! Once completed, create your own exercise bingo with different challenges, you could share it with your teacher and challenge your classmates to complete it.

Download the App: Smiling Mind

This App provides information to help us learn about mindfulness and why it is so important to us. It has a number of different videos and resources to develop our understanding and allow us to practise daily mindfulness meditation.
If you’re unable to download the App, YouTube provides a wide range of their mindfulness meditation videos, just search ‘smiling mind’ into YouTube to visit their page.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Students

Anchor your mind with movement

Here is an example of some of the meditation practised on Smiling Mind. This video is one of many that can be viewed on their YouTube page and on their App.

Miss Potter’s stay at home workout: Week 1

Still image for this video
I joined Joe Wicks and his P.E lesson every day this week, and felt so much better for doing it! Daily exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.
Here are a range of websites that can be used to help you keep active at home. laugh

Join Joe Wicks live at 9am every weekday!

Every day this week Joe Wicks is going to post LIVE workouts on his YouTube channel from 9am. Let him take over for 30 minutes a day to inspire and energise children to get active, bounce around and have fun. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Joe Wicks he is a personal trainer who has always shown a passion towards children’s fitness and exercise! I will definitely be joining Joe’s LIVE workout tomorrow morning and starting the week with a workout.
For quick access follow this link to his YouTube page:

or search The Body Coach TV into YouTube.
If you’re unable to join his live posts at 9am, don’t worry he has a number of different workouts available for children on his YouTube page. 

See you there! 😁💪🏼🏃‍🏃‍

Hello everyone,


I hope you’re keeping well and safe at home during this time!

This page of the website will be used to keep our pupils and parents fit, healthy and feeling good. I will be updating it regularly with videos and links that can be accessed to keep you active, and help put that extra energy to good use - parents I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!


But for now take care of yourselves and keep checking here and on your class page for updates and extra activities. 

Miss Potter 😁