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ELSA Key Stage 2

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Use this form to send me your completed activities. I would love to hear from you and to know how you are feeling.

A game for you to play with your family πŸ˜‰

Hello everyone 😊


I hope you are all keeping well and safe. I have uploaded some work sheets from the ELSA support group that you might find useful. If you have any questions, please use the contact. I look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Take care, Mrs Ives 😊



As you well know, my year 6 little ELSA's will be moving to secondary school.  This is big change but it can also be very exciting, lots of new people to meet, lots of new friends to make and a whole lot of new things to learn too wink


Some of you may be feeling a little anxious but there will be a lot of people around you to offer you support and advice and help you feel really positive.


A few little tips for you:


  • Plan how your going to get there - by being prepared for how you're going to get there will help you to feel calmer and more confident.
  • Prepare what you'll need - it can take time to adjust when you start a new school. But by always being prepared it will give a good impression and also give you confidence. Find out what you need to take like pens, pencils, PE kit or calculator.  Make a note of your timetable and make sure you keep it safe and with you.  If you write down your homework and note when it's due to be handed in, you won't forget.


Being prepared and keeping on top of your lessons/work/homework will make you feel so much more at ease.


  • Ask questions - Teachers are there to help you, but you can also ask the reception staff if you need help.  Some schools have pupil mentors who are there to support you too.
  • Be positive - try to make new friends, make the first move if you see someone who is alone and looking worried.  Positive body language can really help when making new friends. Always speak clearly and be polite. Always leave a good impression, because you can do it!!!
  • Talk about it - don't forget to talk to your grown up about your day, whether your first day good or not so good.  They are there to listen, understand and help. 


for more ideas/support  -


My Favourite

This is a fun game, which can help to boost wellbeing and happiness.  You need to roll a dice and move that number of places on the board, following the arrows. You then have to answer what your favourite it with your family and don't forget to have fun!!!

What's your favourite?



How about a bit of fun?..... Let's make a mind jar. A mind jar is a meditation tool which you can use if you begin to feel stressed, overwhelmed or upset.  Mind jars or Calming down jars are designed to soothe and relax.  When you shake the jar, imagine the glitter as your thoughts.  Watch them slowly settle while you begin to refresh, refocus and calm down.


What you will need:


Empty plastic bottles or jars / water / glitter paint (or glue) / food colouring (optional)


What to do:


Add the glitter paint / glue / glitter to the bottom of the bottle or jar until its covered.

Add warm water.

Put the lid on tight and shake well to help the ingredients combine.

Once you are satisfied either glue or tape the lid down so it's secure and stops spills.

You could also try adding a squirt of baby oil or liquid soap.  This will give your jar a slower moving 'galaxy' effect.

Week 27.04.20. Have a look at this 5 day challenge..can you do it?

Dealing with your worries and anxieties 


Hello, how are you all keeping? Safe and well I hope. It’s ok if you have had, or do have some certain worries/concerns during this lockdown.  What we need to do is visualise your worries so that we can deal with them.  Firstly you need to draw a bunch of balloons, you can draw a picture of yourself holding them if you like πŸ˜‰ make them colourful and even a different shape. Next you have to write down (using a pencil) in each one of them your worries, troubles, concerns and fears. Then stand by a window and looking out, visualise each balloon floating away into the distance. The balloon, with your worry in, just gets smaller and smaller and smaller, until it disappears completely.  As each balloon disappears, rub out the thought and replace it with a positive or kind thought.  Don’t rush through this activity, take your time, it reallly does work ❀️

Another technique 🀩


Draw drops of water into the worry cupπŸ’¦, and in these drops of water write down your worries, concerns, fears and troubles.  Then imagine that you are tipping this cup of worries down the sink πŸ’¦ Rub out each thought and then replace with positive thoughts. Try it, this works too. 

I would love to see your pieces of work, so when everything is back to normal, please bring them into school for me to see. Please take care, Mrs Ives πŸ€—

Deep breathing technique


Deep breathing can have a big impact on your body.  When your relaxed and calm, your body is in ‘rest and digest’ mode.  When you breathe normally, your heart rate is lower and your muscles are relaxed.  Taking deep breaths is a way of telling your body to get back to resting mode.  This is why deep breathing is important.

I have been browsing through the ELSA support website and have come across this 14 day challenge. Why not have a look and see if there are any activities that you fancy having a try. Click onto the website and it’ll take you to the printable activities. Or you could just use your imagination and use the resources you have around you.  

Have fun, there are some great ideas!


Mrs Ives πŸ˜‰

Hello.....I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. Please have a look at your class pages, your teachers have been working hard to keep them updated and don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas on Seesaw.  Please have a look at the activities on the Forest School page and also on the Recipes to try at home page too....there are plenty of ideas to keep you busy.  You can try these with your grown up or siblings πŸ˜‰