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Attendance and Punctuality 


Ensuring that our pupils are in school everyday is very important so that they do not miss valuable learning time, interesting learning experiences and also time to grow as individuals in a supportive environment. If pupils miss school, they miss out, if pupils are late to school, they miss out. If your child needs to attend a routine appointment, these must be taken after school or during school holidays. If your child is feeling under the weather, please send them to school, more often than not, children forget their ailments when they are enjoying their classwork and spending time with their friends. If your child is feeling poorly in school, we will call you and let you know. 

If your child is too ill to attend school it is very important that you call the school office on 02920 852516 before 9am on the first day of absence. 

School starts at 8.50am therefore it is important that your child is ready to start the school day on time. Please wait at the gate to be called and your child will start the day promptly and ready to enjoy assembly at 9.10am. 

If you require any support with attendance, please do not hesitate to contact the school office, we are here to help in anyway we can. 

How much school is your child missing? Lost days are detrimental to your child's education, wellbeing and progress. Look on the chart below to see how many days your child has missed from school.

Attendance Policy

100% Attendance Awards for the Spring Term 2 Half Term and the Whole Spring Term 2024

100% Attendance Awards for Spring Term 1 2024

100% Attendance Awards - Autumn Term 2023