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Well done Nursery who have reached

95.9% attendance for the week

beating the rest of the school!

Thank you to the parents who make sure they are here everyday

Da iawn!



Well done to all the children who achieved 100% attendance for the Autumn Term.

During the Spring Term let's keep improving the number of children who receive 100%!

Remember we can come to school with a cough or cold if through the course of the day your child becomes unwell we will contact you.

I have already made a  number of EWS referrals this term and I will be keeping a close watch on those children, if you have any concerns over your child's attendance please contact me to discuss how we can help you.



Callio Letters

Callio letters will be sent home with all pupils on Friday 13th December. These letters are set by the Local Authority and are required to be sent out every Term.

Should you require any support or wish to discuss your child's attendance please do not hesitate to call in and see me.

Many Thanks

Ms E Lewis


Nursery starts at 8:45

Gates will be locked at 9am prompt

Late children will not be admitted to nursery until the start of the afternoon session

unless proof of medical appointment can be provided.

We sadly did not meet our target attendance of 94%

The end of academic year attendance was


Lets work together this year to reach our target

please attend school everyday

The school day begins at 8:55am and pupils should be ready for lessons to commence at 9:00am Punctuality is a life skill that should be encouraged.

Since returning to school in September 88 Hours and 7Mins of teaching time has been lost through children being late for school. This has a huge impact not only on the child who is late but also on the class as the teacher has to stop the learning to enable the late child to catch up. Please make every effort to get your child/ren to school on time.

Attendance Superstars for the Spring Term - 100% for the half term and 100% for the full Spring Term

Attendance Superstars this term - over 98% and 100%. Well done boys and girls!


At Graig Y Rhacca Primary and Nursery Community School the doors open at 8:55am for the start of the school day registration and assembly take place after 9am. There have been quite a few children late for school recently which has a negative impact on the class, your children and school.

Parent/carers are reminded that The Local Authority may issue a FPN for persistent lateness after the close of register in accordance with the local code of conduct, if in excess of 10 sessions in a term.


During the Autumn Term 34hrs and 2minutes of teaching time was lost through children being late. This Term so far 24hrs and 8min have been lost, this is not only disruptive to the children who are late but also to the rest of the class when the teacher has to repeat what has already been discussed. Please try to arrive at school on time.

Attendance Target this Academic Year

We continue to strive for excellent attendance and this year we have agreed our target with the Local Authority as 94%. Please ensure that your child is in school at 8.50am (or 8.10am if attending Breakfast Club) for a prompt start to the day at 8.55am. If your child is unwell, please contact us by 9.30am to inform us of the absence.

Please see our school Attendance policy (below) for all attendance information and guidance.
If you require any help with attendance, please contact Mrs. Lewis in school who will be happy to support.

Summer Term Attendance Superstars


Well done to all the boys and girls who achieved over 98% attendance over the whole year and a huge congratulations to Max, Callum and Latisha who achieved 100% attendance for the whole year! Max, Callum and Latisha were awarded with cinema vouchers so they can take their families to watch a film over the Summer holidays.

Spring Term Attendance Superstars

Well done to all the boys and girls who achieved 100% attendance for the Spring Term 2 and the whole Spring Term! Congratulations to all the children who have achieved 100% attendance for the academic year so far!

Well done to Tyler for being awarded the 'Most Improved' attendance award this term, we are very proud of you.

Attendance Celebrations