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Topic Activities

Here are your topic activities for the week:


1. Butterfly Watch.

Watch this video of lots of different butterflies. How many different species can you spot? Do you know any of their names? Use the internet to find oit. maybe you could make a list.


Go on a butterfly watch every day in your garden. Butterflies are attracted to the colour purple. Watch this video of the story 'Kipper and the Butterfly' to find out more about this. Maybe you could put something purple in your garden and see if it works. Take photos of any butterflies you see and post them on your Seesaw Journal.

2. Butterfly Diagram.

Find out about butterflies. What are the main body parts? Draw your favourite butterfly below and label it. You can then upload it to SeeSaw for us to see.


3. Welsh.

Can you remember the responses to the question 'Syt wyt ti?' that you learnt last week?

Picture 1
Practise them in front of the mirror. Take selfies of you making them and post them on your Seesaw Journal. Make paper plate faces, or draw pictures for each response. Take photos of your faces and post them on your Seesaw Journal too.

4. STEM Challenge - Build a Bug House

Look at these examples of home-made bug houses. Build your own in your garden. You might want to include some purple objects to attract butterflies! Take a photo of your bug house and post it on your Seesaw Journal. We will be using our bug houses in our activities over the next few weeks.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

5. Reading Challenge - Pick one of these reading challenges to complete this week:


  • Share  a book with pictures
  • Read a story in your pyjamas
  • Read a book in a squeaky mouse voice
  • Listen to a story read by a family member
  • Share a comic - talk about the pictures