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Here are your 5 topic activities for this week.

1. Life cycle of a butterfly. Draw pictures of the stages of the lifecycle of a butterfly for your child to cut out. Have them stick them in the right order to make a diagram. Use the website below to help you.
2. Make a model of the life cycle of a butterfly. Use the link below for some help!

3. Welsh. Practice asking and answering the question 'Sut wyt ti?' (How are you?) with the following responses:


Da iawn (Very well)

Gweddol (so, so)

Wedi blino (tired)

Ofnadwy (terrible)

Bendigedig (wonderful)


Play charades by miming facial expressions and body language for each response.

4. STEM challenge - make a marble maze using a paper plate and straws.

Marble Maze

5. Reading Challenge - Pick one of these reading challenges to complete this week:


  • Share  a book with pictures
  • Read a story in your pyjamas
  • Read a book in a squeaky mouse voice
  • Listen to a story read by a family member
  • Share a comic - talk about the pictures