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Maths Activities - Symmetry

Here are your maths activities for the week:

1. The shapes below each have one line of symmetry.  If you were to fold them in half they would be the same on each side. Copy the shapes and cut them out. Fold them along their lines of symmetry

2. Butterfly Painting

Paint one side of a butterfly. Fold the paper in half so the painted hald prints on the plain half. Unfold it to reveal a symmetrical butterfly painting.


3. Draw some butterflies like these below, add dot patterns on one side. Have your child complete them by adding the same pattern on the other side to make the butterflies symmetrical.

4. Create your own symmetrical butterflies. Draw butterfly outlines for your child. Have them create their own symmetrical patterns using dots, stripes etc.


5. Symmetry Around Me - Have a look around your house and garden. Can you find things which are symmetrical? Take photos and send to me or upload to your Seesaw Journal. Here are some things I found...