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1. Monday - Super Me!


Over the past few weeks you have been making your superhero costume as part of our craft activities. Now is the time to dress up and become your very own superhero! Take a photo of you in your costume and label:


mask, cape, shield, logo, cuffs, jet pack


2. Tuesday - Super Me!


Now you need to make your own super hero profile. Use these headings today:








3. Wednesday - Super Me!


Continue to build your superhero profile. Today add these sub-headings:


Favourite colour:


Favourite food:


Favourite thing to do:


4. Thursday - Super Me!


Now write about your super power. You are all extremely special. In everyday life you all do something that makes you a superhero. It might be being kind or being helpful. Think about what super things you do in everyday life to make others happy. That is your superhero power. Use your sounds to write about your superhero power in your superhero profile.


5. Friday - Super Me!


As we saw a few weeks earlier, all superheroes have a phrase that they say. Think about your super power. What would your superhero catch phrase be? Add this in a speech bubble to your profile and it will then be complete!