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I Spy Summer...

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...


What different items can you spy in this summer image? 

Summer Time Crafts - Can you create any of these summer time crafts?

Our final workpack has been based around SUMMER! Despite this weekend's weather it is almost the summer holidays! So I thought it would be a lovely topic to learn about, and will pepare us for the holidays to come! I hope you all enjoy these last two weeks of activities! :D 

D1's Learning at Home Work Pack for 6.7.20 - 19.6.20

Circus Tricks

 Can you practise any of these circus tricks?


- Walk the tight rope

- use chalk to draw a line outdoors and see if you can balance along it.

- Balance a teddy or similar on your head for 5 seconds.

- Throw and catch a ball like a juggler.

- Practise being a gymnast.

- Tell a funny joke like a clown.

- Practise walking on stilts using tin cans.

- Create a ball toss game using empty tins.

- Create circus ribbon wands.


Follow this link for extra ideas:


Share photo or video of you practising these tricks with us! :D

Letter for pupils returning to school this summer term.

Healthy Circus Clown Treat

Can you create a circus clown using only healthy snacks?

You could use fruit or vegetables to create your healthy circus clown treat, then enjoy eating it with a delicious healthy drink, like water, fruit juice, milk or even a fruit smoothy!   Yummm!!

Can you list all of the fruit and vegetables that you can think of?

Create a chart of the healthy snacks you like, and the healthy snacks you don't like. Hopefully there are a lot more items in the 'like' column! :D

CCBC Confirms Return to School Arrangements

Circus Shapes | Children's Books | Read Aloud

By Stuart J. Murphy Illustrated by Edward Miller Children learn basic geometry and shapes through this fun and interactive story. Enjoy!
Can you find and name the shapes that you see throughout the story?

Our new topic is: The Circus. I hope you all enjoy this topic and have fun practising your skills at being a circus act!



D1's Learning at Home Work Pack for 22.6.20 - 4.7.20

The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar

Listen to this story: The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar by Russell Punter and Andy Elkerton.
...I wonder if the poor dinosaur will ever be able to roar again. 😥 I hope you all enjoy the story. 😊

Create Your Own Dinosaur 


1. Listen to me read the story 'How to Grow a Dinosaur' that has be posted below. 

2. Discuss what your dinosaur would be like if you could grow your own.

      - Would you grow your favourite dinosaur?

      - Would you create your own dinosaur that has never been seen before?

      - What colour would it be? Polka dot? Stripy? Camouflage?

      - What would it eat?

      - Where would it live?

3. Draw a picture of your dinosaur and share it with us on Seesaw, or keep it safe to show us on your return to school. :) 




Tylosaurus | Dino Road Trip

National Geographic Kids has a number of videos on different types of dinosaurs. Their videos are aimed at children and share interesting facts for children to learn about dinosaurs.
I hope you enjoy! :D

Dinosaur Nursery Rhymes

How to Grow a Dinosaur

Still image for this video
Our new topic is DINOSAURS, as chosen by D1 children on Seesaw.
So I have read a dinosaur story called: 'How to Grow a Dinosaur'. I hope you all enjoy listening to this action filled adventure story, but watch out for those dinosaurs growing in your garden...

D1's Learning at Home Work Pack for 8.6.20 - 21.6.20

What do Animals Need to Survive?

Look at the labels on the side of the table, decide which ones you think animals need to survive and why? You could discuss this using my table provided, or you could create your own version at home. :) 



Dear Zoo

Listen to this wonderful version of story book Dear Zoo being read as a song.
- Can you think of any other animals that they could have sent from the zoo?
- Would you send them back? Why?
- Which animal would be perfect for you to keep at home?

Animal Non-Fiction Research

Can you do some research to find out information about a zoo animal that you don't know very well?

1. Pick an animal to research in a book or online.

2. Then fill out this page with your new facts, or create your own similar worksheet at home. Draw pictures for each section. :)  



Zoo Animal Sounds Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics

As our new topic is ‘The Zoo’, practise your phonics skills by listening to the animal sounds and naming the zoo animal!
Can you name the animal before it’s picture is shown?
If you need more thinking time just pause the video once you have heard the sound.
It’s time to switch on your listening ears...👂
(For similar games view our ‘phonics’ section above.)

The Slightly Annoying Elephant by David Walliams

Still image for this video
Here is the book that was voted for on SeeSaw. I hope you all enjoy listening to me read this funny and very eventful story book to you. Pause the video to talk about certain parts of the story, ask questions and draw pictures from the book. If you have any book recommendations that are all about zoo animals please let me know so that I can share them with the whole class! :)

D1's Learning at Home Work Pack for 18.5.20 - 7.6.20 This work pack contains a number of creative activities that could be completed over half-term. :)

Winning by only 1 point, in our most recent D1 poll is... The Slightly Annoying Elephant!! 

View our SeeSaw page to listen to me read the story, and complete many zoo themed activities. I will also share extra activities here on our class page, throughout the next 2 weeks. I hope you all enjoy this topic. laugh


Metamorphosis: Caterpillar to Butterfly for Children - FreeSchool

Watch this video explain how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Then create your own lifecycle of a butterfly, just like the template provided below. :D

I Spy Minibeasts.... How Many Minibeasts can you find?

VE Day Activities - Can you try any of these at home?

Can you create a symmetrical butterfly using your hand print?

D1's Learning at Home Work Pack for 4.5.20 - 17.5.20 :)

Let's Vote... which book would you like me to read next? Choose a book for us to explore a new topic. - Send your votes to me by email or complete the activity set on SeeSaw.

Can you create a minibeast out of natural materials?

🐞 Kids Book Read Aloud: THE BAD-TEMPERED LADYBIRD by Eric Carle | StoryTime with Miss Randall

Can you move around the room like a minibeast? Roll a dice and count the dots shown. Next find the card that matches the number on the dice. Then carry out the movement that is described on the card. You could also create your own cards to use with this game. :)

Mad About Minibeasts

Still image for this video
Press play to listen to me read the story: Mad about Minibeasts! There are no pictures to look at, just concentrate on developing your listening skills, by listening to the story and guessing the minibeast that I am describing. You can pause the video while listening to give you more time to guess. I hope you all enjoy. :)

Can you create a web for Spinderella?

1. Find some string, rope, shoe laces or anything similar in your home.

2. Use cardboard, card or paper and make lots of small holes ready to thread the string through. Or you could use sticks as shown in the example photos.

3. Thread away, making sure there’s lots of web for Spinderella to sit on.

4. Create your own version of Spinderella and place her on her new web. 

And the winner is... Spinderella!! laugh

View our SeeSaw page to listen to me read the story Spinderella, and complete the minibeast themed activities. I hope you all enjoy. 

D1's Learning at Home Work Pack for 20.4.20 - 3.5.20 :)






There are a number of children and families from D1 who are connected to SeeSaw but who have not yet been active on it. If you are one of these, please make contact and have a look on your child's SeeSaw page. There is important information regarding your child's home learning on there along with details about activities they need to complete. If you have difficulty accessing this or have any other difficulties regarding your child's home-learning please contact me through the form provided at the top of this page.




Hello, I hope you're all enjoying your Easter break. On SeeSaw this week we are voting on a book for me to read; we will then explore that topic in our learning. Vote for your favourite by responding to the activity set on SeeSaw, or send me an email with your vote. :)

Happy Easter! 🐣🐰🍫😁

Still image for this video
I hope you all have a wonderful day and treat yourselves to something delicious!!

Pasg Hapus! 🐣🐰🍫😁

Still image for this video

Fun activities to be done in the sun. :)

What Melts in the Sun?

Experiment with a range of different items you can find around your house, place them in separate sections of a tray / bowls / cups and investigate which items melt and which items don’t. Talk about what materials they are made from, is this the reason they didn’t melt?



Colour Changing Flowers

You will need:

- Flowers / celery / lettuce leaves - or experiment with anything else you think could work! - Jars / bowls / cups

- Water

- Food colouring - you could try paint if you don’t have food colouring.


- Fill each jar with water and food colouring - 2/3 tsp of colour.

- Cut off the bottom of the stem, so that the part touching the water is ready to absorb the water.

- Remove any leaves from the flower as these can slow down the experiment.

- Then add your flower to each jar and place them in a safe location that gets natural sunlight for a couple of days.


Make predictions of what might happen to the flowers over time and draw a picture of them before and another after and compare them.


Shadow Drawing 

While the sun is shining, practise your pencil control by drawing around the shadows of your favourite toys. Or draw around your own or your families shadows. I wonder who’s will be the tallest...


Bird Feeder

Create a bird feeder using empty bottles or cartons, make it unique by decorating it yourself. Don’t forget to cut out some shapes so that the birds can land on it and eat your tasty snack. If you haven’t got bird seeds at home don’t worry, birds also like bread, dried fruit, oatmeal, cereal and cake!!! Place them somewhere off the ground to encourage more birds to visit. 



Investigator Binoculars 

Create these investigator binoculars using toilet or kitchen roll tubes, decorate them to make them unique and attach them together using glue / string / ribbon or anything you have handy at home. Then you are ready to become wildlife investigators! 🕵️‍♀️ 🕵️‍♂️

Find a quiet area in your garden and use your binoculars to watch the birds or butterflies that land on your feeders, then draw pictures of them to record the different types of wildlife that has landed in your garden. 

Follow the link posted below to take you to their website. Enjoy!!

Here is a child friendly story that has been created to help explain the Corona Virus to young children. More stories similar to these can be found on Early Years Story Box.

Let's Be Scientists - Can you investigate these experiments?

Here is a list of weblinks that can be used to support learning at home, I hope you all enjoy them!

Take care and keep well. 

Here is Work Pack 1: this has been sent home to all D1 students. 23.3.20 - 4.4.20

smileyHome School Learningsmiley


During this uncertain time of remote learning, I will be using our class page and SeeSaw to share activities and learning that can be done at home. You have all received your home learning packs and should be working your way through these as well.

Please share any photos / videos of you completing these tasks, as well as any other activities you're completing at home. I would love to be kept up to date with your daily learning.

You can contact me by completing the form located at the top of this page, or through messages on SeeSaw, please do not hesitate to contact me about anything regarding your child's learning. 


Keep safe and keep well.  


Miss Potter 

7 chicks 🐣

Still image for this video
Yesterday the chicks were safely collected and returned home. 7 chicks hatched in total and all in D1 did a wonderful job to care for them over the past week. Here are some of the latest photos and videos of our noisy friends!

5 chicks so far...

Still image for this video

Baby Chicks

Still image for this video
As I’m sure you’ve all heard, (it’s all we’ve been talking about in class) D1 has gained a few extra members to the class this week. So far 5 eggs have safely hatched into delicate, adorable, delightful, NOISY little chicks! Here’s a few videos of them in action...

During the winter term we have been extremely busy in D1, we have: been on a winter scavenger hunt to the forest area, learnt about all things healthy and all things Welsh, created bubble snow flakes, made shape snowmen, recognised our written name and learnt to write our initial sound, learnt about the Arctic and animals who live there, and investigated with ice and predicted ways to make it melt faster. We can't wait to get started on our next topic, spring!  laugh


Thank you for your wonderful attendance in our parental engagement sessions this half term, we're excited to see you in the future sessions to come. Don't forget to keep up to date with upcoming events on our school app and SeeSaw page; if you need new log in details please don't hesitate to ask. smiley



Nursery Staff 

Welcome back!! We hope you all had a fantastic half term, despite the rainy days. Here in D1 we don't let the rain dampen our day! Take a look at some pictures from our most recent parental engagement session, where we shared maths songs and games to practise at home.

We had a very successful reading session with the help of our parents. Thanks to all who came, the children loved reading stories with you in class! :)

Here are some photos from our parental engagement session, where we made Welsh cakes to celebrate cultural week! Thanks to all parents who came along to support, we had a fabulous afternoon!

We would like to welcome you back to D1 class, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and wish you all a very Happy New Year. 

This half term we will be focussing our learning on the topic winter; we have created a brand new Arctic small world area within the classroom, and will be asking the children what else they would like to find out about relating to the topic. 


From a discussion with the children about what they would like to see in their role play area, we are in the process of creating a Vets corner in class. We will also be learning about different types of animals and how to care for them. 


We are all very excited to get started on this terms learning, and thank you for your continuous support with home tasks! :)


Miss Potter, Mrs Britton and Miss James 

We have had lots of fun in D1 this autumn!

Since Miss Potter has joined the D1 team, we have been extremely busy creating our vegetable hut located in our garden. We have planted cabbage and kale, made saltdough vegetables and created our very own scarecrow using recycled waste. 

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the Nursery children into D1. This will be a wonderful year full of learning and fun, we can't wait to begin our Nursery journey smiley


This term we will be covering the topic 'All About Me' this will allow the Nursery staff to get to know  a little more about your child, from their favourite toys to favourite foods.

The children will begin to go into  Family Groups over the next half- term alongside having a personal journal to support their time in Nursery.


Here is some information about the Nursery class:


  • We ask that fruit money is paid on a Monday morning (£1).
  • Book bags and homework are handed out on a Thursday and are to be returned on a Monday morning.
  • As we take part in a lot of outdoor activities we ask that wellies are all labelled  and left in school.
  • Please can you label clothing.


smileyWelcome to our Nursery Classsmiley