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Daily 10

This Week’s Daily 10:

  • Let’s Get Physical! (PE with Joe, Go Noodle, Just Dance. Yoga with Miss Thain etc) There are lots of links and ideas on the school website. Look in our class page and also in the ‘Learning at Home’ area in the ‘Key Information’ menu.
  • Life Skills – Every week we will add a different ‘life skill’. This week’s life skill is to learn to do up and undo buttons! This will help your child with dressing for PE.
  • Dexterity / pencil control. There are lots of things you can do to develop dexterity / pencil control. See the class web page for ideas, websites and things to download. There are also lots of great ideas that I have shared on the class Blog on Seesaw. Please include name writing in daily pencil control activities.
  • Letter formation - Practice correct formation of the letters r, h, n, m, b, p. They all start in the same way and are called the ‘One Armed Robot’ letters. I have made videos to help with this. They are on Seesaw and are also on the class web page in the Extras section in last week’s Home Learning Plan.
  • Counting - Daily counting to 100, and in 2’s and 10’s and backwards from 20. If secure, start counting in 5’s.
  • Singing - Use this website to help your child learn some fun songs…they might even recognise some from our assemblies at school!
  • Number formation - try to aim to be able to form all numbers to 10 the right way around by the time we go back to school! If secure with digits to 10 (all formed correctly and the right way around) then work on writing numbers to 20.
  • Mindfulness - See the ‘Mindfulness’ resources in the ‘Learning at Home’ area of the school website in the ‘Key Information’ menu.
  • Reading – Everyone should be signed up to Oxford Owl now, it has been detailed on here for the last 5 weeks. If you haven’t signed up and need further information please ask. Every day your child should be reading and should also be read to – e.g. a bedtime story. See Mrs Davies’ Reading Club page of the school website in the Children’s menu for some inspiration!
  • Green Fingers – Please see Mrs Draper’s Gardening Club page on the school website in the Children’s menu for some lovely outdoor activities you can do from your own garden.