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1-a-Day Topic Activities

 Here are your 1-a-day topic activities for the week.


1. Data Handling.

Make a tally table like the one below. Spend some time in your garden or yard and see how many of each minibeast you can find.

Picture 1
Once you have completed your tally table, use the data you have collected to make a pictogram. Print this one out, or make your own on plain paper. Draw 1 of each minibeast for every one you find. So, if you see 5 ants, draw 5 ants along the 'ant' row.
Picture 1
However...if anyone is feeling adventurous, and would like a challenge and learn something new (parents and children!!!) you could use the Hwb platform to create your talley table and pictogram. If you would like to learn about Hwb and learn how to use it, let me know and I will send instructions, or even phone you and talk you through it. Hwb is an online learning platform developed by Welsh Government. It contains many, many tools and possibilities. Every child and teacher in Wales has a Hwb login and are connected in a similar way to Seesaw - each teacher can attach their class children to shared areas of Hwb and can create work and activities. There are also free to download versions of Minecraft Education Edition, Microsoft Office 365, Google Classroom to name but a few...each child also has their own email account within it that can be used to communicate with their teacher. It has an online storage facility too. This is all within the protection of Welsh Government so is safe for children to use. If you want to give it a go let me know!

2. Exploring Mud!


Time to get messy! Find a muddy place in your yard or garden. Maybe you have a little home-made 'Mud Kitchen'. (Search online if you want to find out more about home-made mud kitchens - they are fantastic for keeping little people occupied, with many early educational benefits!) Play with the mud you find. Talk about how it feels, what it looks like, smells like etc. Take photos, videos etc of your child taling about their mud. Have them write some words to describe how it feels, looks lie, smells etc.


3. Welsh


Use these pictures to stick to the sides of a cardboard box to make a dice. You could print these out or draw your own on plain paper. Play Sut wyt ti? dice game. Make a ‘face’ dice by using the images below and sticking them to each side of a cardboard box. Roll the dice, the child expresses how she / he feels based on the picture on the dice.

Picture 1

4. STEM Challenge

Your STEM activity this week is to make a paper aeroplane. Once you have made it, decorate it to make it look like a flying insect!

Take a photo or video of you aeroplane/insect and upload it to your Seesaw journal, or email it to me.


5. Reading Challenge.


Choose a reading activity to complete this week:

  • Read a book outside in the garden
  • Read a book with a boy main character
  • Read a rhyme about a bug or insect
  • Share a book with an animal in it
  • Read to your pet or teddy