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1-a-Day Topic Activities

1. Monday - Florence Nightingale


You have probably heard people talking about the new Nightingale Hospitals that have been set up to look after the people who are unwell. These hospitals have been named after Florence Nightingale. We thought it might be a good idea to find out more about this famous historical person.

Click the link below to watch a short animated film about Florence Nightingale.

Draw a picture of Florence Nightingale. Do this on paper. Underneath your drawing or on a different piece of paper, write a sentence about what her job was. Use your sounds to write on your own. Parents please do not write for your child to copy, let them write on their own. Take a photo of your work and upload it to your Seesaw Journal.

2. Tuesday - Modern Day Supeheroes


Superheroes live amongst us every day. Now more than every we are thankful to so many people who have important jobs to help keep us safe. They are our modern day superheroes. We start with our NHS Doctors Please talk to your child about the role of the doctor. If appropriate talk about a time when they have been to the doctors or hospital. Talk about the things doctors do and how they might be described. Write these words around the picture below.

Picture 1

3. Wednesday - Physical Skill Challenge!


Super Heroes are often fast, strong and agile! If we were at school we would be busy this term practising for Sports Day. Although this will not be happening this year we thought it was still important to practise physical skills. Each week you will have a different physical challenge to practise. Your physical challenge this week is all about balance. Find a soft toy, cushion etc that you can balance on your head. Practise balancing it on your head and take a few steps. Keep practising and see how far you can walk. When you have mastered this skill tap and upload a video to your Seesaw Journal of you walking the furthest distance you can manage. 


4. Thursday - Welsh

Counting - Use the following link to develop your counting skills to 10 in the Welsh language. Then develop your recall by counting in Welsh at every opportunity! We would love to receive an audio/ video clip of your number recall in Welsh on Seesaw!

5. Reading Challenge

Pick a reading challenge to do today:


  • Share a book with someone else
  • Listen to an online story
  • share a story in the morning