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1-a-Day Topic Activities

1. Monday - Den building!

Pick a spot in your house or garden where you can build a den with your family. Use items from your home to build your den. You can read, draw, play games or just enjoy hanging out together in there!

This could be something you can add to over the coming weeks!

Picture 1

2. Tuesday - Reading Challenge

  • Read a book about a bug or insect
  • Listen to a story online
  • Share a nursery rhyme


3. Wednesday - Welsh

Make a zig zag book.
Follow the instructions below to make a zig zag book.
Have your child cup out pictures from a magazine or newspaper of faces showing different expressions like those we have been practising for the last 4 weeks. If you can't find them all you could draw your own. Stick one of each page of your zig zag book. write the correct phrases underneath.


Picture 1

4. Thursday - STEM Challenge - Make a boat!

Make a model boat! You could use junk / recycling materials, paper folding (see the example attached) or anything else you can think of!


5. Friday - It's Party Time!
We want to celebrate the terrific work you have all done this half term through our topic 'Mud Pies, Dens & Wriggly Things'. Those of you who have been actively and regularly engaged in your home learning and on Seesaw have truly blown us away! So now, it's time to celebrate and have a whole-class virtual picnic!

Follow the recipe you wrote in literacy to make your very own sandwich. Enjoy eating it by having a picnic (you could eat it in your den!)
Remember to use the opportunity to discuss the mathematical vocabulary of fractions. Did you cut your sandwich into triangular or squared halves? 

Maybe you could make some bunting to decorate and have some music playing! Take lots of photos and videos to upload to the Seesaw blog so we can all feel connected. Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work with your children, I have seen some evidence of real progress from some.