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1-a-Day Topic Activities

Here are your 1-a-Day Topic Activities for the week.


1. Monday - Sorting Minibeasts.

Look at this page of the home learning work pack. Print or draw your own. Or you could draw the leaves and have your child draw thwir own minibeasts with and without legs on the appropriate leaves. Take photos and upload to your Seesaw Journal or email to me.


2. Tuesday - Mud Pie Master Chef!

Make some mud pies, cakes or soup. Whilst making your mud creations talk about what your are doing - practise giving verbal instructions. Take photos and upload them to your Seesaw Journal or email them to me.


3. Wednesday - Welsh.

Print or make your own version of the snake game board in the home learning work pack. Roll a dice. Move a counter. Ask 'Syt wyt ti?' - the other player must reply using the correct answer depending on the face you have landed on. The winner is the first to get to the end.


4. Thursday - STEM

Make your own model bug. Challenge: can you make it move? There are lots of ideas on the internet! Take photos or a video of your creation.

For those of you who would like to have a go at something different, there is a simple computer coding activity in Hwb where you can make an image of a butterfly move. Some parents very kindly trialled using a simple Hwb user guide for parents that I put together last week which was very successful. If anyone would like to give this a go let me know and I will send you your child's Hwb login details.


5. Reading Challenge