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1-a-Day Maths Activities - Introducing Fractions

Here are your 1-a-day maths activities for the week.


1. Fractions with food.

Print out, or draw your own versions on plain paper, these foods. Have your child cut them in half to introduce them to the concept of 'half'. Make sure they understand that when you cut something in half you need to make two equal parts.


2. The caterpillar in our story is extremely hungry! Let’s use our fraction skills to make a fruit salad for him!

With the help of a grown-up, select some fruit from your kitchen. Talk about the piece of fruit as being a whole and then consider where you would cut it to make two equal halves. Let your grown-up cut it in half for you. Explain that each piece is a now called a half. Pop the two halves into a bowl. Select some more!
Types of fruit that would be delicious could include, green grapes, red grapes, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, orange segments, raspberries... Well, absolutely any fruit that you have available for this would be brilliant and please, don’t worry as you don’t have to have lots of different fruits – just two varieties would still taste delicious! Enjoy! Remember to post a photo of your fruit salad on Seesaw!


3. Fractions of shapes.


Print out, or draw your own versions on plain paper, these shapes. Have your child draw lines, or cut them in half. If you have cookie cutters, you could make play-dough and practice cutting coockies in half. See the class Blog of Seesaw, and the 'My Friend Recommends' page on here for Neve's salt dough recipe.

4. Halves of snacks!


Here are some yummy snacks! We need to cut them in half to share them. Print these out, or draw your own, or maybe cut some out from a magazine or newspaper! Draw lines and cut them in half to share! 


Maybe, when it is your snack time at home, you can share your snack so that you and a family member each have half. Take a photo!