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1-a-Day Literacy Activities

1. Monday - Design a sandwich.

Design your own sandwich for a very hungry caterpillar!
Draw pictures of the ingredients you want to use to make your sandwich. Write the names of each ingredient to label your pictures. Upload a photo to your Seesaw journal of your work.


2. Tuesday - Drawing my sandwich.

Think about what you want your sandwich to look like after you have cut it. What shapes will you cut it into? 
Draw a picture of what you would like your sandwich to look like. Use your sounds to write the shape you will cut your sandwich into. 


3. Wednesday - Ingredients list

Think about the ingredients you will need for your sandwich. 
Write a list of the ingredients on some paper. Use your sounds to build each word. Parents please don't write for them to copy. See my videos on emergent writing to help them write on their own. These are in the 'Family Support' section of the class homepage.


4. Thursday - Drawing my sandwich instructions

Think about how you will make your sandwich. Maybe make one for your lunch today to have a practice run before your writing activity tomorrow.
Draw pictures to sequence the instruction steps you need to take to make your sandwich. Talk about each step.


5. Friday - Writing my sandwich instructions

Make your sandwich for Topic Activity 5.
Write out your instructions step by step. You can number each step and then write a sentence for each. Parents, let your child write on their own. For each step follow this process:
Say the sentence and repeat several times until they have it firmly in their head. 
Clap the sentence, tap it, point it etc.
Let them write the sentence on their own.
See the videos I posted in the Family Support section of our class web page for help with this, it is important that it is their own writing, even if it is scribbles, wiggly line or random letters. You can write what they say they have written after each one.