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1-a-Day Literacy Activities - We're Going on a Bug Hunt!

Here are your 1-a-day literacy activities for the week.


1. We're Going on a Bug Hunt!

Use the tick sheet in the work pack, or use it to create your own on plain paper. Spend some time in your garden or yard and see how many of these minibeasts you can find! 


2. Draw and Label

Choose five of the minibeasts you found. Draw detailed pictures of each of your five chosen minibeasts. Use sounds to help you write their names next to them.


3. The Woodlouse - Draw and Label

Do some research on the Woodlouse. You could read books or use the internet. See what you can find out. Look at pictures of the Woodlouse - you could even look at real ones with a magnifying glass...if you don't have a magnifying glass you could use the zoom on your phone's camera. Draw a big, detailed diagram of a Woodlouse. Record your child talking about their drawing and what they have found out. Post a photo and the video on Seesaw, or send to me by email.


4. The Woodlouse - Writing

Your child should now have some things they know and can say about a Woodlouse. 
Have them practice saying short sentences about the Woodlouse - this could be facts or what it looks like.


I have made a video to help you with your child's progression in writing, as it is a discussion I have with may of you often. It is a tricky time for children of this age with writing. I have broken the video down into short parts as it was too big to upload in one go! Here is a summary of the main points I cover in the video:


Try to help them keep their sentences short. Pick one sentence at a time and go through the following process with each sentence: 

1. Have them repeat the sentence over and over - you join in too.
2. 'Clap' the sentence - do 1 clap for each word. (repeat with different actions - e.g. tap, click, chop etc - they will be familiar with this as we do it in class)
3. Ask them to write the sentence(preferably on paper with  pen or pencil)- let them write on their own, DO NOT write for them to copy, it will not help their writing development. Depending on their level, they will either make marks/write random letters (emergent writing), attempt to write the first sounds of each word (if they don't know the letter they are trying to write then show them) or they will attempt to build each word in the sentence (even if only a beginning, middle and end sound).