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1-a-Day Literacy Activities

1. Monday - Superhero Doggies!

I’m sure you all enjoy watching Paw Patrol! Ryder and his team of pups are always ready to save the day! In fact, there are many real-life superhero dogs. The first one that springs to mind is the police dog. Can you find out other jobs that make dogs superheroes in real life? Write a list of all the superhero dogs you can think of.


2. Tuesday - Design a Superhero Dog

If you could design a superhero dog, what special powers would you give them? Write down your ideas in a mind map.


3. Wednesday - Design a Superhero Dog - Writing sentences

Use your ideas from the last task to write sentences about your Superhero Dog and his super powers. Use these sentence starters:

He is...

He can...

She is ...

She can ...


4. Thursday - Design a Superhero Dog

In Paw Patrol, there is the catch-phrase ‘just yelp for help’ and Ryder and his team quickly respond. What catch phrase will your superhero have? Draw a picture of your dog and write his or her catch phrase.


5. Friday - My Superhero Dog Factfile

Make a factfile all about your Superhero Dog. Use the sub-headings below to help you.



Special Power:

Call this doggy when: