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1-a-Day Literacy Activities

1. Monday - My Favourite Superhero!

Do you have a favourite superhero that you like to pretend to be? 
Dress up as your favourite superhero - you might already have a costume. If not, find things at home you could use...home made costumes are the best!!! Upload a of you dressed as your favourite superhero to your Seesaw Journal.  Write your superhero's name and their super power or skill on paper and photograph that too to upload.


2. Tuesday - What makes your superhero ‘super’? 
Draw a picture of yourself as your favourite superhero. You can do this on paper.  Around your picture write down all the describing words to describe him/her. Use your sounds to build words, even if you can only get the first sound. Parents please don't write for your child to copy. As always see my videos on the class webpage in 'Family Support' for help with this. Upload a photo of your work.


3. Wednesday - My Superhero

With a family member talk about your favourite superhero. Does your superhero have a favourite saying? Explore the types of things that they say. If you don't know the exact phrase don't worry, use your imagination and create one for them. Write the things your Super Hero says. You might want to take a video of yourself saying the phrases your Super Hero says! Take photos of your work and upload to your Seesaw Journal.


4. Thursday - The Best Superhero is YOU!!!

Challenge: Over the next few weeks you will be set a series of craft tasks to make specific items for you as a superhero! Keep them safe as at the end of term we will be dressing up in them as our very own Superhero!! Print or create your own version on  paper of the template below.


5. Friday - My Superhero Craft Challenge


Think about all the different superheroes. Think about their costumes and the logo. What picture does Batman, Spiderman, Captain America wear on their costumes? What will your logo be? What do you want your superhero to represent? Design and make it.


Please keep your superhero craft challenge items safe, as each week the pieces build up to create your very own Superhero costume! We will be wearing our home-made costumes in the last week!